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  • SCFD #1 Questionable Accountability
    Updated On: Jun 06, 2016

    IAFF Local 2612 has reached out to WPD, WFD, SCEMS, as well as Sheriff Department regarding Executive Management making "extra duty pay" for hours worked over 40 hours a week... ALL stated that Executive Management are SALARY and get COMP TIME (time off) for hours worked / assigned over 40 hours.

    After filing an Open Records Request related to Fire District Executive Management it has been discovered that money is being paid IN ADDITION to the generous salaries, uniform allowances, comp time, and dept vehicles that are assigned to these 2 members of Executive Management. As seen on the calendar charts, a lot of times on weekdays after working their assigned 8 hour days in the office...

    While these Chief Officers have managed to have their SUBORDINATES that report to them ENTER this extra pay into our payroll system---these same SUBORDINATES on most occasions APPROVE the extra pay as well. It's well documented---these same Chief Officers approved their own extra pay a few times as well.

    Where are the checks and balances within this payroll system? Who is responsible for the uniform implementation and enforcement of EXEMPT MANAGEMENT PAY and its definition according to the law? Where is the Integrity in a system that allows Exempt Management to not staff Firehouses with the NFPA1710 standard of personnel yet claim extra pay for themselves at the same time?

    Double Standards that challenge the ethics and integrity of Management and those that allow this type of action to persist need to be held ACCOUNTABLE! Firefighters and Lieutenants have not seen a pay compensation raise since 2011---following the money we can see that Management continues to help themselves to the $$$ with no regard for those that provide the actual service to OUR CITIZENS.

    It's time for change; it's time for ACCOUNTABILITY.

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